Ministry Questions & Answers

When was the Church established?

The church was established in 1984 by Bishop James E. Parris, Sr. and Isabelle Parris (wife).


What is the Vision of the Church?

The vision of the Church is to minister to the whole man with a spirit of excellence. Every male and female is made up of three components- the spiritual man, physical man and social man. The spiritual man consists of the soul and inner spirit, the physical man consists of the body and mind, and the social man consists of a person’s living environment (education, finances, housing, productivity, etc). The Bible says a man should prosper and be in good health even as his soul prospers. We encourage men and women to prosper in each component of their lives.


What does the church offer to the Jacksonville Community?

Faith Deliverance is a place of hope. We offer spiritual deliverance as well as social services for the entire family through various agencies that have partnered with us. The church is located in the heart of the city with the people of the city in it’s heart. We offer hope and help to those in need!


What impact has the made since it was established?

The church has greatly impacted the lives of many individuals of all races. Souls have been saved, lives have been changed, families have been reunited, mothers have regained custody of their children, lives have been freed from addictions, bodies have been miraculously healed and much more.


Ministry Programs & Opportunities

What programs do you have for children?
  • Kingdom School of Dance community dance school & dance production. (Ages range from 5 to 60 years & productions are held on a theatrical stage)
  • Tempette Learning Academy Private School – Scholarships are available


What programs do you have for Young Adults and Others?
  • Singles Ministry and various community services
  • Leadership Training, Licensing and Ordinations for future church leaders
  • Kingdom School of Dance community dance school & dance production.
  • Boys and Girls Mentoring for Success Program


What other services does the Church provide?
  • State Certified Marriage Counseling and family counseling
  • Addiction and Rehabilitation Counseling Assistance
  • Partnership with Family Resource Center and other family service agencies




Faith Deliverance Worship Center

We Believe

Foundation of Church Beliefs


Ministry Statement

Our pledge is to continue with one accord in worship services, to fellowship from house to house with gladness, praising God for all things and God will add to the church those who desire to be saved.

Fast Facts

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