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A message from the Pastor & First LadyA Message from The Pastor

I want to personally invite you to attend one of the Faith Deliverance Worship Center Services and become a part of our fellowship. We are a growing inner city dynamic church with a vision for the entire city.

Having been in ministry most of my life I know how important it is to find a place of worship that you can call home. We care about our members and we care about you.


I have been with the ministry since it was created by my father. He established our doctrinal foundation. Due to his declining health I started taking over his pastoral duties in 1991, officially appointed the pastor in 1998 and was ordained bishop in 2001.

Now, God is doing greater things through this ministry than ever before. The church has provided health care for the elderly and mentally ill, sponsors annual events that allow businesses and public agencies to address community’s needs, created a mentoring program for children, partners with local rehabilitation agencies and much more. Please feel free to attend anyone of our worship services and experience our love for yourself.


A Word from the Pastor

I and my children want to thank all of you for your kind words, Facebook text, text messages, emails and phone calls after the passing of my wife Angela. Your words meant more to us than we can verbalize. She was an extraordinary woman. Angela will be remember and will never be forgotten. The remarkable way that she touched us all will be in our hearts forever. Thank you once again from the bottom of our heart. We appreciate you and your words of encouragement. God bless you all.


Click here to visit the Mother Isabelle Parris memorial.

Click here to visit the Angela Parris Memorial memorial.




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Our pledge is to continue with one accord in worship services, to fellowship from house to house with gladness, praising God for all things and God will add to the church those who desire to be saved.

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